About Musk Life

Musk Life is a vitamin created for busy humans. With an overall everyday health focus, Musk Life's vitamins will help you feel your best along your busy journey through life. Musk Life is created with simple principles that take the best nature has to offer, channeled into an easy vitamin.


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About Manufacturing

Musk Life vitamin supplements are manufactured in a state-of-the-art 177,000 square foot, GMP-certified and FDA-approved vitamin manufacturing facility that can easily satisfy your biggest work orders. The facility boasts industrial HVAC systems to control air quality and temperature for quality control. Our two laboratories at the facility are designated for cGMP mandated raw material testing, label analysis, and final product quality assurance.


Facility Highlights

All vitamins are manufactured in a cGMP manufacturing facility:

  • State-of-the-art material handling equipment.
  • Comprehensive product warehousing.
  • High volume manufacturing capabilities.
  • Variable speed rotary compression machines.
  • Film and sugar coating equipment.
  • High output encapsulation machines.
  • Dust-contained and flexible facility that is designed for fast changeover.
  • Quick processing times with cost controls protocols.